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       Guangdong Kedi New Material Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangzhou Panyu Cody Color Co., Ltd., currently owns Guangzhou Panyu Cody Color Limited
The company and Yingde Cody Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. are a professional manufacturer and operator of pigment paste and color matching services.

       In order to provide stable products to meet the growing needs of customers, Cody invested in the construction of Yingde Cody Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. at Yingde Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park at the end of 2013. The project adopts the latest integrated automatic production of central control. The assembly line is equipped with more than 60 new Pellet intelligent high-efficiency grinding equipments, auxiliary vacuum defoaming system, chilled water system, pure water system, air pressure system, automatic feeding system, sewage treatment system and other facilities. 30,000 tons, representing the leading level of the domestic color paste industry. The factory has been trial-produced in July 2016. In July 2017, the safety facilities were completed and accepted. In August, the company obtained the safety production license. It is the first oil-based color paste manufacturer in China. At present, the maximum volume of water-based products can reach 12 tons, and continuous uninterrupted production can be realized.

Due to commercial secrecy, no more details will be developed here. But in this case, we can also find the gap between the ideas of enterprises. The main features of the whole plant customization project are as follows:

1. The production line is a typical vertical design with compact layout, which greatly reduces material handling costs and improves production efficiency.

2, the degree of production automation is high, the entire workshop requires only 2 operators;

3, closed intelligent equipment production system, in line with the modern environmental protection of health (Health), safety (Safety) and environment (Environment) three-in-one HSE management system. The times are changing and the technology is changing.

Therefore, in the design of the production process, we still have a lot of room for improvement in equipment upgrade.
The engineering projects we can undertake include: system engineering design, production line monitoring, intelligent control and automation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, steel structure design, process design, energy saving system, mechanical and pressure vessel manufacturing, machinery and Equipment installation and commissioning, instrumentation and control systems are installed in the test, grinding and dispersion systems.

PUHLER Grinding systens



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